JC’s Confessions #20

In the first few seasons of The Late Show, Stephen Colbert did a recurring skit, now a best-selling book, called Midnight Confessions, in which he “confesses” to his audience with the disclaimer that he isn’t sure these things are really sins but that he does “feel bad about them.” While Stephen and his writers are famously funny, I am not, so my JC’s Confessions will be somewhat more serious reflections, but they will be things that I feel bad about. Stephen’s audience always forgives him at the end of the segment; I’m not expecting that – and these aren’t really sins – but comments are always welcome.


I hate exercising.

I can almost hear people saying that I haven’t found the right activity or I will feel better once I’m doing it or it will give me more energy or some other positive thing about exercise that I’ve heard before, but no.

While I do enjoying walking with someone in pleasant surroundings, I do it for the conversation or the setting, not because walking is good for me or inherently pleasurable. I don’t find that I feel accomplished or energized after exercising, just more tired, although that doesn’t translate into sleeping better. I am not a very kinesthetic person. I’m more cerebral and am happiest in quiet, calm places.

There have been long periods of my life where I have made myself exercise nearly every day, so it’s not that I can’t do. I just have never been able to get above the “barely tolerable” feeling about it.

I admit that, since my father’s passing last September, I’ve been less active. I’m a bit out of condition, as I could tell by how difficult it was for me to keep up with everyone else on our recent trip to the UK. I’m not sure how much I could improve through a concerted attempt to exercise more or how much is that, at 61, I can’t expect to be as strong as I was two or three decades ago. I have an appointment with my doctor next week and will ask what she thinks.

Meanwhile, I am back in physical therapy for a recurring health problem. I’m trying to be good about doing my at-home exercises, but that may actually compromise any attempts to try to do even more exercise, as there are limits to how many things I can make myself do, as I confessed here.

I don’t expect, though, that, somehow, I’m going to suddenly find joy in exercise, which, in a culture obsessed with sports and fitness, is something close to a sin.

I will, though, dislike aside, try to do what I must to keep going for as many years as I am able.
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Author: Joanne Corey

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19 thoughts on “JC’s Confessions #20”

  1. Ha ha! I agree about exercise. My passions too are cerebral and I can exercise the heck out of anything as long as it’s only in my head. At 62 my body is hanging on to my brain and following along as I wish. So all good.

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  2. The only exercise I like is swimming – although walking is nice if you have puppies to walk with you and you don’t have to keep them on a leash. Swimming has become a chore, because I have to go to the gym, and there are people there, and all the peace I derive from swimming is washed away by the annoying people in yoga pants.


      1. Oh yes, we have a pool – problem is – it isn’t very long so I have to do 2 lengths for 25 yards – or there about. And also, my Husky and my rescue dog feel they need to swim laps with me – so it is like a battle between canines and their human out there – and I usually end up laughing hysterically, giving up, and floating about staring at the sky and the Sequoia. Which is not aerobic at all!!


          1. I go with canines – and I have been scolded for mentioning yoga pants – so I will most definitely be staying away from the gym and swim in my pool and hang out with my puppies and garden. And I will never mention yoga pants again!!


    1. Wow…..that is a generally cruel statement to make about people who wear yoga pants. If you choose not to exercise, that is fine by me. I, on the other hand, have always loved physical movement, and I am blessed to help women who are 60 years plus discover joy by moving their bodies. They find strength, grace and confidence, and we all do it wearing yoga pants.


  3. I am very sorry. Was not meant to be cruel. Perhaps I’m jealous because I am too fat to wear yoga pants. So sorry if I offended, it was not my intention. And you are right!


  4. I like this statement: “…there are limits to how many things I can make myself do.” I used to make myself do a lot of things, but now, one thing a day is plenty. I like the idea of exercise, but beyond my weekly yoga class, it’s hard for my 66-year-old body to keep up. Still, I try occasionally. Oh, and I LOVE yoga pants.

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  5. I’m a weird exerciser. I’ll be hard on something–like meeting my Fitbit step goal–then something will happen and–wham! I’m knocked out of it. Sometimes I even forget about it! One thing I’m really proud of sticking with right now is exercises I’m doing for my poor writer’s posture. I made it a goal of my year heading into my 65th birthday to improve my posture, and I’ve done the exercises every day for 6 weeks now. It’s gratifying to me to see progress, to meet goals. I’m not sure that’s the equivalent of liking exercise!!! Though I do love a brisk walk along the beach. Thank you for getting me to think about this…

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    1. Bravo on doing your posture exercises! Whether you “like” it or not, you are working on a goal that is important for you and your health. And beaches are lovely for walking and you are blessed to have them nearby. I’m glad I gave you something different to think about. I live in my head so much that the blog is helpful for getting some of these things out…


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