SoCS: dinner?

“Whatever” is usually my first thought when the question is “What’s for dinner?”

Not that that is what I say…

For almost forty years, I’ve been the frontline person in the house for shopping and deciding what is for dinner.

It’s not one of my favorite tasks. I’ve tried at various points to enlist help and can sometimes get an answer if I give people a few choices of what is on hand. There have also been stretches of time when I did hand off meal planning to other household adults, especially during the illnesses of Nana and Paco when I was too overwhelmed to deal with such things – or even to care much about food.

While I have been trying to be better about menu planning and execution recently, I’m still struggling. I think part of it is that I’m still alternating between not feeling like eating or even thinking about food and just wanting to eat anything in sight but not caring much about what that is. It’s likely related to grieving and part of the more general problem of still having limited energy and decision-making capabilities. It’s still difficult to make myself do things.

Or maybe that’s just an excuse or rationalization.

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Author: Joanne Corey

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19 thoughts on “SoCS: dinner?”

  1. I am with you. We just get through one meal when it is time to plan the next. I enjoy cooking, but the planning and responsibility portion can belong to someone else as far as I am concerned.

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    1. I have a friend who is a retired chef. He still loves to cook but, if we go over for dinner, he much prefers that we choose the menu than decide himself.

      And, yes, the never-ending nature of it is a big part of the issue. Most household chores seem to have that same problem.

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      1. What an interesting thought. I would imagine a chef has the same dislike and considering how much more often they are faced with meal planning I can understand. Yes, repetition kills creativity.

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  2. My husband is the king of whatever when it comes to what’s for dinner. Even if we go out. He says it’s because I’m vegan and he’ll eat anything. It still takes a lot of work to plan a week’s menu. I love to rotate spaghetti and chili every other week and I love leftovers – chili, then taco salad with chili, then I make mashed potatoes to bake on top of the remaining chili – kinda like a shephard’s pie. Still, there are four more nights left to figure out. I’m curious if you have, or used to have, a favorite.

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    1. We actually have a pretty large selection of recipes that we make, but one of our go-to favorites is pasta, which, of course, has tons of variations. B and I both came from pasta-loving families, although I am the one with some Italian heritage.

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