One-Liner Wednesday: freedom over tyranny

Tonight, we meet…with an unwavering resolve that freedom will always triumph over tyranny. 

U.S. President Joe Biden, near the beginning of his State of the Union address to Congress last night

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Author: Joanne Corey

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12 thoughts on “One-Liner Wednesday: freedom over tyranny”

      1. I understand we don’t want to get into a world war, but as this goes on and I see death and destruction, I’m starting to feel that the U.S. and its allies may have to provide military support in order to preserve democracy in Ukraine.

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        1. I understand, especially as Putin is committing war crimes against civilians. It’s also possible that Putin could launch cyberattacks against the West which would mean a response, too. I don’t know what will happen but it is so terrible to see the suffering of the people.

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    1. I hope so, too, but I think it may take the Russian people to stop him. His use of weaponry is already devastating but the risk of him deciding to resort to his nuclear arsenal is too great for NATO to intervene militariallly.

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