One-Liner Wednesday: critic

One can be a critic of one’s country without being an enemy of its promise.

Daniel Bell

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Author: Joanne Corey

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10 thoughts on “One-Liner Wednesday: critic”

    1. One of the disconcerting things of late is that the promise seems to be moving further away. Although it had been a slow process, it felt that we were making progress on honoring each person’s rights but now it seems that we are losing ground. Thus the responsibility to be a critic to keep the promise alive, as you note.


        1. I have a bunch of follow-up posts to write in the wake of the Supreme Court decisions but I’m having trouble bringing myself to do them. It’s difficult to muster the brain power and concentration, especially with travelling and a grief resurgence.

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          1. It’s understandable it would be hard to get to writing about the supreme court decision. I feel grief about that decision, sometimes regressing back to denial like it’s a bad dream.


            1. I managed to write about the NYS gun decision today – along with the national legislation and last shooting horrors. I’ll try to work on the abortion decision next and the EPA decision after that. Maybe I’ll try to put some lighter posts in there to break things up…

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