One-Liner Wednesday: still COVID

Another of my occasional reminders that COVID-19 is still with us.

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Author: Joanne Corey

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7 thoughts on “One-Liner Wednesday: still COVID”

      1. I believe the current risk here is “medium.” It seems I’m hearing about one or two positive covid cases among my friends or acquaintances every week. But very few people wear masks here. Maybe it’s because the current virus is not as deadly?

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        1. I don’t know that the current strains are less deadly. I think it is more that there is a level of immunity in the community now, some from vaccination and some from prior infection, that we didn’t have early on in the pandemic. There are also medications to help treat symptoms that we didn’t have then either.

          I think my level of tolerance for the mortality rate nationally is lower than others. I don’t think 400-500 people dying every day from COVID is acceptable.

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