One-Liner Wednesday: Pakistan

A third of my country is under water right now – bridges, roads, schools, and other critical infrastructure sinks, and people run to evacuate their homes.

Anam Rathor, writing about Pakistan in this important post

Note: In the comments, there is a link to a post from Sadje with information on organizations that are helping Pakistan. Check it out here: and help if you are able.

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Author: Joanne Corey

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17 thoughts on “One-Liner Wednesday: Pakistan”

    1. The scope of the devastation and suffering is mind-boggling. It’s also a stark reminder of how badly the carbon pollution of the US and other high-emitting nations has turbo-charged the climate to power terrible storms that inflict destruction on those who are least responsible in causing climate change and who cannot afford to protect themselves or escape the impacts.

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                  1. Many thanks Joanne. I hope so too. The fact is that many countries have set up relief funds, including US government, Canadian government and Uk government. EU is also donating. The disaster is of such a proportion that it’ll take a collective effort from us all to put some normalcy in the lives of these people.

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