SoCS: too much

I’ve got too much on my plate – and my blogging has been suffering because of it.

I’ve been busy with poetry, singing, family activities, and chores and a lot of the other things on my plate, like blogging and doing poetry submissions have been pushed off to the side.

As is often the case, it’s not so much that I need more time as that I need more brain power. While I thought that I had gotten through the alternating bouts of numbness and thought-swirl that happen from grieving, this fall has shown that I was mistaken. I have only limited time when I can concentrate well enough to write – and some days that doesn’t come at all.

I know better than to make promises about catching up on blog posts.

I do have a few submissions that will be coming up on deadlines that need to get moved up on the list of tasks – or to the center of the plate if I can make myself return to the original metaphor – and I will need to work on holiday cards, which are a high priority item for me.

I’m hoping that I will have a couple of poems published in December, so there will be posts for those.

If I’m lucky, I’ll be able to get my mind in a more stable place and clear some of the items off my plate.

(She writes, really trying to do stream of consciousness metaphor…)

Stay tuned…
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Author: Joanne Corey

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7 thoughts on “SoCS: too much”

    1. There are so many people who I am only in touch with at this time of year, some of whom don’t reciprocate, but it is important to me to reach out to them. With the passing of my parents’ generation, there are a few contacts that I’m making now that had been theirs. These past few years, I had to delegate some of the cards to others in the family, but this year I want to do the majority myself. I need to start soon. Step one – get the card box out of storage and onto the dining room table, one end of which becomes the card station.

      Sending love to you, JoAnna, as you start your annual holiday card ritual!

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    1. Yes, commenting is definitely in the blogging category. I tend to view your posts in clumps, usually because I catch a LinkedIn or twitter post. Back in the years before things got so complicated, when I was trying to follow Opinionated Man’s plan of a third of the time writing posts, a third reading blogs, and a third commenting, I followed a lot of blogs by daily email. When time got tight, I sadly abandoned most of my reading and commenting in favor of trying to keep posts coming out. I gave up long ago on the hope of getting back to that earlier practice. Unfortunate, but the only way I seem to be able to manage.

      (Haven’t gotten the cards out yet, but do have a space cleared on the table for my writing station. Baby steps.)

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