SoCS: What will the new year bring?

I wish I knew what the new year will bring.

Or maybe not.

On the one hand, I’m worn out by feeling that I can’t make long term plans and that I’m always waiting for the other shoe to drop. There have been so many years of uncertainty both on a personal and a community/national/global level that I would welcome a sense of stability.

On the other hand, it would be terrifying and/or depressing to know that things are going to go badly and that there would be no way to ameliorate or avert them.

So, I guess I will remain in my state of unknowing, making plans, then modifying or dropping them when the next unexpected thing occurs.

I guess the “not knowing” leaves room for hope.

Wishing us all the best in 2023. May it be a year of hope, increasing peace, and caring for one another and our planet.
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Author: Joanne Corey

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9 thoughts on “SoCS: What will the new year bring?”

  1. I clicked the like button because I can relate and understand. These days, plans are much more tentative. Making adjustments and changes is often expected. The serenity prayer comes to mind. We need to do our best to take care of ourselves and leave room for hope. Best wishes to you and your loved ones in the year ahead. Amid the uncertainty, may there be many moments of hope, love, and peace.

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    1. Best wishes to you and yours for 2023, JoAnna! I’m glad to know you understand my feelings about this.

      I admit to having mixed feelings about the Serenity Prayer. It’s not a great match for me theologically, especially its characterization of the world as sinful and its emphasis on personal happiness. I think it’s too Reform Protestant for my progressive Catholic self.

      I will try, though, to have hope and to retain perspective, whatever 2023 brings. I’ll probably manage to throw up posts about it, too, from time to time. Thank you, as always, for reading and commenting.

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      1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the Serenity Prayer. I agree that the long version depicts the world as sinful and emphasizes personal happiness. I had forgotten that. When I think about the prayer, I generally think about the short version I said so many times in 12 step meetings where I often got a “take what you can use and leave the rest” message. Thank you, Joanne for your consistent integrity and honesty. Peace and blessings to you and your family.

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        1. I was recently in a bereavement group that used the long version on a regular basis. I know that others found it really helpful but I struggled with it. Thank you for the reminder about taking what is helpful and leaving the rest. That was how bereavement group was structured as well but my nature is to internalize everything, so I need reminding. Wishing you peace and good health, JoAnna. ❤

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          1. Once I was in a 12 step meeting where they said the Lord’s Prayer at the end. One person clearly said Our Creator instead of Our father. I was inspired by her courage, though I usually say my changed words softly. Now, I’m thinking of the Serenity Prayer and saying hurting world instead of sinful world. (Feeling rebellious!) 🙂

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