My name is Joanne Corey and I like to write.

As a child and teen, I did creative writing as well as my academic work, but most of my writing as an adult has been utilitarian, such as commenting on articles and writing to government officials, or personal, such as writing to support friends who are dealing with illness.

In recent years, I have begun to write more for a general audience, essays and poetry. The return to poetry, a genre I had not concentrated on since I was a child, was a pleasant surprise. I have been blessed to make connections with the local poetry community and 2015 marked the first year that my poems were published in the broader world.

A writer-friend suggested I try blogging and, in September 2013, I jumped in. I know the usual thing with blogs is to concentrate on a specific topic and style of writing, but I want my blog to reflect what is on my mind, so it is a mix of writing about current events, personal experiences, and poetry, whatever is salient at that moment.

I find myself quite often referring to my family, so a quick reference guide. B is my spouse. Our elder daughter is E and her spouse is L. Our younger daughter is T. E, L, and T are all currently graduate students, among other endeavors. The three remaining members of our parental generation live in a senior community near us. B’s mom is Grandma and my parents are Nana and Paco.

While I have been honored to be nominated for several blogging awards in the past, I have not been able to do the work which acceptance involves.  Given that time constraints seem to have become a permanent life feature, I respectfully decline further nominations so that I don’t take up space on anyone’s list. Thanks!

I hope you enjoy what is Top of JC’s Mind.

I appreciate all your comments, likes, and follows! You can also contact me at topofjcsmind@gmail.com. If you are on Facebook, you can visit – and like – my page for Top of JC’s Mind here:  www.facebook.com/topofjcsmind.  If you are on Ello, I am @joannecorey. Come and be my friend! Although I am not very good at twitter – 140 character limits are hard for me! – you can follow me @btmum.


66 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Joanne thanks for following my blog. Hope you get to drop by when you can. I shall check out your blog. I did like the idea of what I saw about gentleness, we can’t do nor get enough of it. Have a good day.


    1. Sandi, thank you so much for the nomination. I’m sorry that I’m not in a position to accept. Family health issues have come up which are not leaving much time for writing these days. I do appreciate so much that you thought of me and will check out all the blogs in your post when I can.

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  2. Thank you for visiting Sophia’s Children and following my blog, Joanne. So lovely! I was glad to be pointed to your blog, too, via one of our fellow bloggers. It looks like we’re both in Binghamton! There’s another synchronicity! Blessings to you, Jamie

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    1. So pleased to meet you, Jamie! So neat that we are close geographically. Given that WordPress has bloggers from all over the world, it’s fun to have someone who is nearby. Maybe we know some of the same people…


  3. Heya- I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to read my blog and even follow it- it’s incredible that someone read my work, and that a WRITER actually liked what I was doing,

    Congratulations again on batting .500, and have an awesome day!


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