SoCS: Simple

I could really go for some simplicity right now. I haven’t been able to devote much time to what I had intended to be a simple daily schedule becuase life has been complicated by my mother-in-law’s backache which over the course of a month became a diagnosis of a compressed vertebra which then collapsed and then got treated with an injection of bone cement which entailed an unexpected two night hospital stay. We just brought her home yeaterday and spent the rest of the day there. We will be heading back up shortly with some ginger creams that my husband is baking becuase we are trying to give her tempting things to eat to help gain back the weight she lost while dealing with the back pain. She is pretty lightweight to start with, so Ensure Plus and as many calorie dense things as we can come up with are in order, as her appetite is also tiny.

Maybe this is simplicity though. Take care of what has been presented to us this day. Drop everything else.


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