What I didn’t want to spend time on today

We use Time Warner Cable for our TV, phone, and internet and just got a new modem of our own to replace the leased one.

My task today was to give them the identifying numbers from the new modem so that we could complete the installation.

The TV is working fine. Yay!

The internet is working fine. Well, mostly. My inbox for my email is not working well with my Chromebook, which is super annoying, but other than that the internet is working as usual.

The phone is dead.

After multiple online chats, modem restarts, checking of connections, etc., we need to have a technician come tomorrow morning.

It’s a bit awkward because I need to call all the elders so they know to call the cell phone instead of the landline. Anyone else is out of luck, as our cell phone numbers are not in wide circulation.

The silver lining is that one of the people helping me through online chat gave me an idea of how to fix the access problem I’ve been having using webmail on my Chromebook.

A lot of what I planned to accomplish today is just not going to happen.

Maybe tomorrow.

Or Wednesday.
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