13 Ways to Get More Blog Comments Without Swearing

I am slowly growing my readership and commenting base. I appreciate these tips which involve not swearing or being confrontational, neither of which fit who I am. I found this post through a re-blog by Rowena at https://beyondtheflow.wordpress.com/ and am happy to pass it along to my readers. I’m also thrilled to find this blog to follow, too! And thanks so much to all my readers and commenters! As this post reminds us all, gratitude is important!

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Reading an article recently on how to get comments on a blog my eyes bulged out of my head. To my horror such suggestions as ‘curse often’, ‘attack somebody’ and ‘buy comments’ were included as the ‘best ever’ ways to ensure blog comments were acquired.

Is this what blogging is about? This is the best advice available to millions who have a blog?

Call me old fashioned, naive and definitely call me disheartened. In particular to every young blogger who may have done the same internet search I did, this old girl can tell you you don’t need to be a nasty person or pay to have readers give you feedback.

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Below are my top, and might I say gentle, 13 tips for getting more comments on your blog while being a decent human being. The suggestions are based on reading other blogs with pages of comments and on my…

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