blog problem really fixed!

For the past couple of months, I have been struggling with a blog display problem. I finally posted to the forum about it and a helpful member named kosiew tagged it for staff. Then, supernovia came in and explained what I had done to break things and how to fix the problem. It turned out that I had inadvertently copied some stray HTML along with some One-Liner Wednesday quotes and it broke the page.

So, yay! Everything is back to normal and I know how to avoid messing things up in the future.

Well, at least, messing things up in that particular way. I can certainly stumble into a new problem…

blog problem – again

Well, the problem had righted itself and I was very happy – but now it has returned. Please use the previous and next buttons at the bottom of posts to navigate. I especially hope that people will visit my recent post 64th!

Top of JC's Mind

Hello, Friends! Just wanted to let you know that I am having a bit of a problem with posts showing up correctly. At the moment, when you go to the Posts listing, you may see just the most recent post or two, followed by a post from early March, skipping over several other posts. To access those posts, go to one of the posts listed and use the “previous” and “next” posts at the bottom of the page to be able to read the ones that aren’t listed. I’m in the midst of troubleshooting with WordPress to figure out what is going on, but wanted you to know that I haven’t fallen off the face of the blogging world quite as much as it seems when you click on Posts.

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