Interview with Ivone Gebara

I just finished reading a great interview with Catholic feminist theologian Ivone Gebara of Brazil.

There are so many threads for me that come together here: my own experience as a Catholic woman and mother of Catholic daughters; years of study of church history, doctrine, Scripture, theology, and spirituality; my advocacy for social justice through NETWORK and other organizations; being an alumna of a women’s college; recent blogging reading and writing, including my Holy Saturday post and a reply to one of OM’s post on women and the priesthood, which I can’t seem to find at the moment so link is to his homepage; the women’s history month/feminist posts that I have been planning to get to for months and haven’t; and reaction to long-standing problems with oppression, violence, mutilation, and human trafficking around the world.

Serious stuff.  The top of my mind gets overwhelmed sometimes…

Where Pope Francis stands when it comes to women | National Catholic Reporter

Where Pope Francis stands when it comes to women | National Catholic Reporter.

I commend Father Tom Reese for writing this column. He makes a lot of good points, but I felt compelled to make the following comment:  “I don’t think that women are upset with Francis calling for a theology of women because they prefer to think of a theology of person. Rather, what upsets me and other women that I know is that there a decades of profound writings in feminist theology that Francis does not seem to even know exists. While we all welcome further work on this theology, we must acknowledge that a lot has already been accomplished, whether or not the clergy and other men of the church have been reading and studying it. Another instance of the men of the church not listening to the women’s viewpoint?”