One-Liner Wednesday: from a friend

Christine’s message to her family and friends is to love one another and keep each other close.

from the obituary of my friend who I posted about yesterday

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New Facebook Friend!

I won’t be sharing my most important jot of the day here because it was a private note.

I logged in to Facebook in the middle of the day to find that a friend from my college years had sent me a friend request! We had not seen each other in over thirty years, so I was very pleased to be back in contact with him.

I immediately accepted the friend request, quickly checked his recent posts on his timeline, and sent him a message  – in which I attempted to briefly summarize how my family and I are doing these days.

I managed to restrain myself from asking him to like my blog page, but I don’t mind asking all you Jotters! 😉  If you are so inclined, my page is here. Thanks for putting up with my shameless self-promotion!
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SoCS: My friend Angie

I have written before about my friend Angie. I’m thinking of her today because next month will be the tenth anniversary of her death. I’m thinking about things we missed over these years, such as supporting each other as our eldest children married. If she were still alive, she would probably be on the school board still, and I’d have a clue about what is happening in the school system, something that is hard to do when you no longer have children young enough to be in K-12. She would have supported me through the health travails of our elders and I would have supported her in the same way. Even though she has been gone for a long time, I still miss her.

Friends are forever.

This week’s prompt is:  acquaint and/or friend.

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The most thoughtful Christmas present I have ever received.

Such a beautiful post on love, loss, friendship, and remembrance by Tric, who is a wonderful blogger from Ireland, that I felt I had to share it. I hope that all of us have at least one similarly thoughtful and compassionate friend in our lives.

My thoughts on a page.

I’m sure some of you have contenders, but I think it will be difficult to beat the one I received last year. It was given to me by a friend of mine after a very difficult year.

The year had begun with young Daniel coming home from hospital just before Christmas. He had been diagnosed with leukemia aged twelve years. On St Stephens Day he asked to have his hair shaved off as it was shedding due to his leukemia. It never again grew back.

During the awful year that followed there were huge lows and a couple of small highs. I was in contact on a daily basis with Daniels mom. Looking back it would appear that we shared more bad news than good, as we spoke or texted each other. I was a person who preferred to cry alone, but so regular were my tears that my family…

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