getting away

With E, L, and T all at home to hold down the fort with Baby ABC and to be on call for Nana and Paco, B and I went up to Skaneateles for an overnight getaway last week.

Although it was short – and cold, although not quite as cold as today – it was nice to be away with just the two of us, visiting some of our favorite little shops and restaurants and enjoying a suite in a favorite B&B, thanks to a weeknight holiday special.

The roads were a bit snowy due to lake effect as we drove up and it was nice to be seated near the fireplace for lunch at Elderberry Pond. We wound up having the dining room to ourselves! Dinner at Rosalie’s was more crowded, but, again, we were seated near the fireplace. I wonder if we looked cold…

We had a bit of a walk in the morning to go to breakfast at the Sherwood Inn, which is now affiliated with the B&B where we stayed. The snow squeaked under our boots as it does when it is significantly below freezing, but we were able to warm ourselves next to the fire before going into the breakfast room, where we enjoyed scrambled eggs, fresh fruit, and amazing pastries from the French style pastry shop on the property. As usual, B drank coffee; I made an exception to my habit of drinking only water, indulging in two cups of hot peppermint tea.

The drive home was clear and everyone back home was fine – and all enjoyed some pastries that we bought for them.

Maybe B and I will make arrangements for another getaway to recharge when other adults are available to cover for us.

Maybe in the spring when it is warmer…
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Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Getting away

This post is part of SoCS:  This week’s prompt is “getting away or getting out.”

It’s important to get away. The schedule/responsibilities/routines/demands get to be too much after a while. Without a break, it is hard to keep going effectively.

My favorite getaways are with my husband, heading out somewhere scenic with places to stroll, fun shops to browse in, cultural sites like historic homes or museums, a bed and breakfast or small inn to stay in, and the hardest decision of the day being which great restaurant to choose for dinner. Somewhere like Skaneateles in the Finger Lakes or Lenox in the Berkshires.

When we come home from a getaway, it is back to reality and the usual stuff, but it’s easier to think clearly after the break.

Maybe we should get away more often…

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