Hooked on Phononics: Spider Silk Sound and Heat

Steph has another fascinating post, this time discussing newly discovered properties of spider silk. There are beautiful photos of spider webs, too, but not any close-up photos of spiders themselves for those of you who prefer not to view magnified arachnids. Check it out here:    http://wordwomanpartialellipsisofthesun.blogspot.com/2016/07/hooked-on-phononics-spider-silk-sound.html

Warm February

This article on the warmest February on record does a good job of explaining how much of the warmth was attributable to El Niño and how much to climate change. Hint:  It’s mostly climate change.

As the scientific evidence mounts, we need more articles like this one to explain to people the gravity of the situation and spur them to action.

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Sharing this poem by Shawn Bird, because a) a lot of the Northern Hemisphere is broiling hot right now and b) I know what hot flashes feel like.

Shawn L. Bird

In the heat

her fingers sizzle from inside out

raising an ocean on her forehead

rivers racing down her back,

internal pressure steam driven engine

hissing irritably

summer outside

summer inside

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