It’s relatively rare for me to get to a movie theater to see a film on opening weekend, much less opening day, but B. and I got a chance to see” Interstellar” on Friday afternoon.

What should follow is a long review, but I don’t feel moved. If I had to sum up my opinion in one word, the word would be “meh.”

There were moments that were startling or thought-provoking, but most of the movie was just boring – and I don’t bore easily. Perhaps the pacing was intentional to denote the hopelessness or vast lengths of time involved. If so, other cinematic or writing techniques should have been deployed.

I also think the music score needs to be toned down. As a former organist, I admit that I loved a few prominent appearances of the organ, but overall the music was too loud and intrusive.

I’ll be interested to read some of the professional reviews – to see how far off the mark I am…