Mount Saint Helens

Re-blogging this post:  from blogger friend Steph on the anniversary of the eruption of Mount Saint Helens in the western United States.  Great explanations and photos to remind us of the incredible power of geology. Check it out!

Sand: up-close and personal

Sharing the link below from Steph of Partial Ellipsis of the Sun: A Blog for Scientists who like Words and Writers who like Science.

There are stunning and fascinating highly-magnified photos of the huge variety among grains of sand.

They are all beautiful – except the frack sand, which is dangerous to breathe and can cause lung disease, including silicosis.  Those of you who know me know I couldn’t find anything about fracking beautiful.

Here is the link:


Record “likes”

Apparently, on Wednesday, March 18, I set a new record for “likes” with 27.  Much of that was thanks to Linda‘s One-Liner Wednesday, along with the fact that I published two re-blogs that day. Maybe my visitors prefer other people’s writing to mine?  😉

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