The Joy of Robin Williams

Robin Williams’ family has asked us to remember the joy and laughter he brought to the world.

Although his performances were jaw-dropping in their complexity, skill, poignancy, and humor, my favorite memories of Robin Williams are of his interviews, when his mental agility was on full display. Granted that a public interview for him was also an exercise in improvisation, he displayed a rare ability to rapidly bring to bear dozens of pertinent cultural and human behavioral references relating to any topic whatsoever. And on to the next topic. And the next in a dizzying display of intellect.

I am a great admirer of intellect in and of itself, but what made Robin Williams unique was his ability to couple his intellect with his exquisite sense of the human condition, and, somehow, to do it instantly and with humor.

I’m sure his body of work, including his interviews, will continue to bring laughter and insight for years to come. I wish him the peace that escaped him in this life and pray for consolation for his family and friends.


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