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I like clocks that have faces and numbers and hands, also known as analogue clocks. They are elegant in their simplicity and, for me, a much faster way to tell the time.

If I look at a digital clock, and it reads 12:38, my brain has to process, okay, so it’s halfway between twelve thirty and quarter of one. If I see the same time on a clock face, I can see the proportions of the circle and ascertain the information much more quickly.

In most cases, I don’t need to know the exact minute.

I know that people in medical training are having to adjust to not having watches with second hands. It used to be that someone taking your pulse would just glance at the second hand on their wristwatch to count the pulses in a given time and then multiply. Now, many people don’t wear watches and do time on their cell phones. Presumably they have an app that counts down seconds for them so that they can calculate a patient’s pulse.

But it’s more complicated than in the days of the handy-dandy analogue wristwatch.

I love my solar-cell powered watch and hope to wear it for a long time. So much more elegant than my old flip-phone…
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