SoCS – time management

I wasn’t sure I was going to have time to do this today because we were moving our daughter to Syracuse in time to begin her grad school orientation on Monday. But we are back home with a bit of time before bed, so I’ll give it a go.

We are back to being empty nesters and I’m hoping to take this opportunity to re-vamp how I spend my time. On weekdays, I will now have 9-10 hours of time on my own, with no one else in the house. I’m hoping to spend some more time exercising. I also hope to be more intentional with my writing time, although I’m not sure how the balance will work out between my blog, my poetry, my personal correspondence, and my comment/advocacy writing on fracking, other environmental issues, and various social justice/progressive causes. I need to put in more time on submitting poetry to journals, hoping that, some day someone will say yes.

I also hope to spend more time with my parents in person, rather than by phone. And I need to spend some time helping at the church library.

There will be a few changes for our evenings, too. Probably lighter dinners with a follow-up walk, weather permitting. And maybe an earlier bedtime.

But not tonight. It’s been a long, exhausting summer and I need a bit more time to unwind before I can fall asleep.

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This post is part of ┬áLinda’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday. This week’s prompt is “time.”

Daylight Savings Time

Time for my (semi-annual) rant about changing clocks. Daylight changes a few minutes at a time. Changing what the clock says when sunset happens does not “save” daylight; it just re-names it.

DST puts me out of sync with the seasons. At my latitude, going on daylight savings time when it is still winter means that many more weeks of getting up to start the day in the dark. In the summer, it barely gets dark for bedtime. In the fall, we are back to dark mornings for a much longer time than we should be.

Admittedly, changing clocks is difficult for me personally. My circadian rhythm is very stubborn. Even one hour’s change throws me for a loop. I joke about being a “delicate flower,” but changing my sleep pattern can quickly devolve into multiple body systems going haywire. (And writing a blog post at 4:30 AM on no sleep.)

As you can guess, I don’t do well when I have to cross multiple times zones…

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