One-Liner Wednesday: Congratulations!

It’s taken since September 2013, but Top of JC’s Mind has just passed the 50,000 view mark!
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vanishing likes

I joke about not looking at my blog stats very often, but there is one stat that winds up in front of me every time I post, my Top of JC’s Mind Facebook page.  Every time I look at my Facebook timeline, my page’s “like” number is in large numbers at the right. 

It’s hard to miss.

I was stuck at 99 for a looooong time.

When I finally got to 100, one of my personal Facebook friends admitted that she was tempted to unlike my blog page as a joke!

She didn’t – and I did make it up to 103 for a while, but, now, I am down to 101. Knowing that many people have left Facebook in recent months, I’m not taking it (very) personally, but I am in danger of dropping below 100 again.

Oh, well.

(Not so) easy come, easy go…
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SoCS: 700!

I’m happy to announce that I now have 700 followers at Top of JC’s Mind!

Of course, the usual caveats apply. Some people get counted twice if they follow my page on Facebook as well as following on WordPress. Or if they follow my twitter. Or also subscribe directly by email.

I also know that there are people who read my posts without being official followers. I am sometimes taken by surprise when a friend will mention something that they read in one of my posts. It’s a reminder that followers and readers are not the same thing. While I know that only a small fraction of my 700 followers read any particular post, there are readers who are not followers who read every post I put out.

Whether you are a follower, a regular reader, or someone visiting Top of JC’s Mind for the first time, thank you so much for sharing in my blog. I couldn’t do it without you!
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SoCS badge 2015

“About” updating

In honor of my new email address for Top of JC’s Mind, I have updated my About page.

I wish I could say that I was also drafting exciting new posts and poems, but I am coming down with a cold and not trusting myself with anything that takes a lot of brainpower.

Record likes

Here we are at the end of Just Jot It January 2016. I did a thank you post to Linda on Friday, hoping that I would have time to work on a long-delayed post for Sunday, but my brainpower had to be directed elsewhere.

The fun thing is that January 29 became a record-setting day here at Top of JC’s Mind with 66 likes on that day!  My old record had been 59, set on October 13, 2015.

While the thank you post to Linda for Just Jot It January generated the most views, I was happy to have generated views that spread news on behalf of poet- and blogger-friends and a couple of re-blogs. There was a post of links to the recently published poems of Merrill Oliver Douglas on Eunoia Review and one spreading the news about the change in platform for OM. I re-blogged anagram haiku from Mathemagical and a wonderful post explaining the true meaning of jihad from Perfect-The-Days. There were also likes for a post I had written the day before which included the Saint Francis Peace Prayer.

I know that part of the reason for the record-setting day was having had an unusually high number of posts in a short amount of time, while part was having the built-in promotion of Just Jot It January for a couple of the posts.

Setting records is fun, but not as gratifying as the knowledge that people are connecting with one another through Top of JC’s Mind.

Sending out a big THANK YOU to all the visitors who made this record possible and all those who pop in on all the non-record-setting days, too!

~ Joanne
This is my final post for Linda’s Just Jot It January 2016. It’s been a blast!

JJJ 2016


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