Reblog: Partial Ellipsis of the Sun

I love the serendipity of blogging. The post I put out this morning, Julia, Julie, and blogging, elicited a comment from Steph, a Smith alum who I met online through my Smith roommate who lives now in Colorado, where Steph lives. I popped over to Steph’s blog, Partial Ellipsis of the Sun, to see her latest post and felt I had to share. Gorgeous photographs, fractals, advances in cancer care, science, personal connections, wordplay – who could ask for anything more?  Due to her use of a different platform, I needed to reblog by link, but I encourage you all to check out Steph’s latest post!

Author: Joanne Corey

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2 thoughts on “Reblog: Partial Ellipsis of the Sun”

  1. Thanks for sharing these beautiful images and encouraging words. When I read this phrase about radiation therapy: “Using crossing beams from many angles…” My brain read it as: using crossing beams from many angels. It could be some good imagery to use along with any kind of treatment.


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