About…a few years later


My name is Joanne Corey and I like to write. I started Top of JC’s Mind in September, 2013 to share, well, whatever was at the top of my mind and have managed to keep it going this far. Thank you to all my readers, commenters, and followers!

I do often write about my family, but want to maintain some sense of privacy for them, so I use initials or nicknames. My spouse is B, my elder daughter is E, who is married to L and mother of our granddaughter ABC, and my younger daughter is T. My parents are called Nana and Paco. In some older posts, you might also see references to Grandma, B’s mom, who passed away in March 2016.

I post about lots of topics, so feel free to look around or search for a category or tag that interests you. I am also a later-in-life poet, so there are a number of posts that contain published poems or are related to writing poetry.

I hope you enjoy what is Top of JC’s Mind. Like most bloggers, I appreciate and respond to comments, so please chime in! You can contact me at topofjcsmind@gmail.com, but please tell me in a comment that you have written to me there; emails tend to get buried in notifications and posts from some of the bloggers that I follow. If you are on Facebook, you can visit – and like – my page for Top of JC’s Mind here:  www.facebook.com/topofjcsmind.  If you are on Ello, I am @joannecorey. Come and be my friend!  I admit I am not very good at twitter – brevity is hard for me! – but you can follow me @btmum.

(My original About page, which I only edited once several years ago, is available here. I couldn’t bear to delete the comments.)

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