500(ish) followers!

The most popular topic among bloggers is blogging! I admit that, while I read a lot of posts on blogging, I don’t often write one, but today I will because I have reached 500 followers for Top of JC’s Mind!

Or at least, 500ish. The numbers are a bit squishy. The number following through WordPress is 389 with email, Facebook, and twitter followers pushing the number up to 500. That means that some people who follow me on more than one platform are double or triple counted, but….

Let’s just say 500! Yay!

I want to take this opportunity to thank all my followers, especially those who visit regularly. There are even a few who comment regularly; thank you for keeping me from feeling as though I am talking to myself.

I also want to thank all the blogs I follow – all 750 of them. Some I get daily or weekly digest emails and visit frequently; others I don’t get to very often. You have all helped me to learn about blogging and gifted me with beauty, humor, poetry, stories, travelogues, photos, thought, and heart.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and the Top of JC’s Mind,

Author: Joanne Corey

Please come visit my eclectic blog, Top of JC's Mind. You can never be sure what you'll find!

30 thoughts on “500(ish) followers!”

    1. Thanks! I admit that I feel a bit sheepish as so many people reach this milestone so much more quickly than I have, but I did want to thank everyone for their support. SD, I think that we should have a sampler about being “slow and steady” like the tortoise in the fable.

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    1. Thanks for the re-blog, OM! I so appreciate your kind words, especially knowing that you probably have had days where you added 500 followers. Almost two years to get to 500 is okay for me, though. I run in a much lower gear! πŸ˜‰

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  1. Congratulations, from another tortoise. I actually prefer low gear sometimes. It took me 5 years of college to get a 4 year degree. Now I know I’m a late bloomer. Coming up slow and steady right on your heels. πŸ™‚


    1. Thanks, JoAnne! Lucky for all of us that this is not really a race. We each get the luxury of our own goals and pace. I think we are also alike in that we are content with our choices. I think the problem is when people face a mismatch of their dreams and their reality.


  2. Hi JC,
    I found you on Jason Cushman’s site. Congratulations on 500 followers! Even if it’s over 300 Email subscribers, you should be proud.
    1. You follow 750 blogs! Perhaps you’d consider checking mine out. You wrote that you read a lot of blogging advice blogs. That is my topic. I recently self-hosted and am looking to expand my followers.
    2. 750! How do you deal with the Emails? Any advice I can pass on to my readers? Perhaps you’d even consider guest blogging on my site about it.
    3. We are in the same community. I know KS Beth and the English Professor at Large. Nice to meet you.


    1. Thanks, Janice! Actually, most of my followers are through WordPress; I only have a handful who are email only subscribers. I don’t get emails from all 750 blogs. The subset that I do get emails from are daily or weekly digests, which are easier to review. I also like to pop over to blogs that like or comment, using the links that come through with the notifications. Because I don’t have a ton of likers or commenters, my email is pretty manageable for now. (I need to head out to church at the moment, but will check out your site later in the day.)


    1. Thank you for your good wishes! I don’t know if I will see a similar acceleration. I am nowhere near as talented at engaging readers as you are. I do appreciate your hopes, though.


  3. Congratulation. I know from past posts that followers are not the reson you are here, but they are nice. Your posts make people think, sometimes without realizing it. Love seeing your girls too. Take care.

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