One-Liner Wednesday: identity

“Exactly what it is that makes us all the same and yet all different both drives us and escapes us at the same time.”
— Joan Chittister, “The Need for the Feminine in Masculinity”chapter in Between the Dark and the Daylight: Embracing the Contradictions of Life (p. 99)

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Author: Joanne Corey

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13 thoughts on “One-Liner Wednesday: identity”

  1. One could say that once a thing has ceased to escape us, it’s not worth driving ourselves to reach it anymore… Not sure how that would affect the subject of the above quote though. Something to think about, as is the quote itself. 🙂 Thanks, Joanne.

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        1. Even though she is a long-time Benedictine, she writes in a way that takes into account a range of faith traditions and philosophies. I have studied several of her books with a group of women at my church.

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                  1. I checked the online registry of my local library, they don’t have any of her books, but I did find a few on Amazon. I’ve added them to my wishlist. Unfortunately, I have already tapped out my book funds for the next couple of months *laughs*


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