Binghamton Poetry Project – Fall 2014

The Binghamton Poetry Project, which is a community outreach workshop series by the writing center at Binghamton University, sponsored a reading this evening for all the participants in the fall session. We also published an anthology of our work. Below are my three poems from the anthology, the first two of which are planned as my reading.

Brittle versus Rigid
by Joanne Corey

Too many years of Fosamax
make osteoporotic bone more brittle.

When the first vertebra shatters,
lifelong habits must change
to protect the fragile skeleton.

But you refuse to use a walker for support,
to bend at the knees instead of the waist,
to store the potholders in the drawer next to the stove
instead of in a basket on top of the refrigerator.

Will your brittle bone
or your rigid resistance to change
deal the next – or final – blow?


by Joanne Corey

Could I write a sonnet?
Iambic pentameter.
and so on…

Or quatrains with feet
trochaic and pyrrhic,
dactylic, spondaic,
and anapestic?

Rhymed couplets? I could,
But would they be good?


My words tumble and twist
and refuse to rhyme
or neatly align.

Like Life.


Aunt Gert’s Indian Pudding
by Joanne Corey

Hand-written from the recipe box
with a molasses stain
in the right corner

Promised to my daughter
who will travel five-thousand miles
to be with us this Thanksgiving

Generations of family tradition
steaming and fragrant
with a melting scoop of vanilla ice cream

Author: Joanne Corey

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